93% of employers say their managers performance improved after completing a Level 4 or 5 course (source: ILM) Proof that tailored, flexible training works!

This training:

  • Encourages strategic thinking at all levels of management to foster business improvement
  • Engages middle managers with training and development – this qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals
  • Enables your organisation to customise this qualification to your development needs
  • Allows you to enjoy a cost effective way to a qualified workforce

Poor Management costs UK businesses £193bn a year (CMI)

Developing Managers is linked to a 23% rise in organisational performance (CMI 2012)

  • Reduce your recruitment costs, invest in staff
  • Cost of replacing a staff member can reach 200% of an employee’s annual salary
  • Invest in your staff and they will invest in you
  • Value your staff, improving loyalty, retention and savings for you
  • Increase productivity and upscale your staff
  • Retain company knowledge; develop your staff in leadership & management
  • Shifts in technology – will define job roles – retain employees with higher apprenticeships
  • Improve profits, achieve goals, and exceed targets